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Best Hip Flexor Stretch for People Who Sit and Slouch Too Much

One of the three variations of the best hip flexor stretch.
One of the three variations of the best hip flexor stretch.

So you know your posture is kinda slouchy. Maybe you’ve confirmed this with the kyphosis or lordosis test, or you spoke to your doctor. Maybe you read what anterior pelvic tilt is and suspect you have it too. So now what?

Don’t fret. Today I’ll show you the best hip flexor stretch to help you straighten up – for good.

Watch today’s episode to:

  • Understand why sitting too much is a common cause for tight hip flexors, and how tight hip flexors cause anterior pelvic tilt, kyphosis, and/or lordosis.
  • Learn how lengthening your hip flexors will help your pelvis get back into its neutral position and your lordosis and kyphosis to improve.
  • Get the 3 variations of the best hip flexor stretch to lengthen those muscles and straighten up – permanently.

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Instantly Look Like You’re 5 Pounds Thinner

An often overlooked trick to instantly look thinner!
An often overlooked trick to instantly look thinner!

Here at Fitness Reloaded we like efficiency and effectiveness. Why devote 1 hour to the gym when you can get the same results in 16 min? Similarly, why go on a diet when you can instantly look thinner without dieting or exercising?

Of course, I’m not advocating against living healthy! I love how vital healthy living feels! But I see so many people not wanting to go on a diet, but doing it anyway, when they could get the same result without having to go through this trouble. Especially people with belly fat should beware of this.

So how do you look thinner without dieting or exercise?

By changing your posture! Without even knowing you, I bet there’s 90% chance you could stand straighter and walk straighter. That’s why I created this Posture Series.

Most of us sit for hours every day with a bad posture. This doesn’t just hurt our lower back. It also:

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Home Lordosis Assessment

Home Lordosis Assessment

Welcome to the Straight Posture Series! If you have low back pain, then make sure you check this out, because in here you might find the culprit behind it!

Also, if you want to avoid getting low back pain, or if you want to grow an inch or two taller, then keep reading.

Today we’re covering lordosis. I’m showing you how to do a home lordosis assessment so you can find out whether the curve in your lumbar area is ok, or “excessive”.

You can also use this assessment to measure whether you’re progressing posture-wise or not. As I share in the video below, last time I did it, my results were worse. This shows that what I’ve been doing to improve my posture in the past year has been working. I’m on the right track!

What is lordosis?

Lordosis is related to “anterior pelvic tilt”. You get this when your pelvis is leaning forward and your butt sticks out. This creates  an excessive curve in your lower back area.

This position is commonly acquired by chronic bad sitting habits, and puts excessive strain on your low back. If you’re lifting weights or doing any type of exercise, you must be especially careful not to strain your low back.Read More

Introducing the Straight Posture Series. Learn If Your Back Is Really Straight Now.

If the yogis say that a person’s age is determined by the flexibility of his/her spine, then I’m in trouble!

I’ve been slouching and sitting too much for all my life. My bad sitting habits have transformed my straight posture to a back with kyphosis, and lordosis. My back flexibility is embarrassing. It seems that all those years at school, and then 7 years studying engineering took their toll.

Ok maybe my situation is not that bad. I don’t have low back pain (like 80% of Americans will get at least once in their lives). Even though my bad posture might cost me an inch or two in height, at least my non-straight back is not visible to the untrained eye.

I didn’t even know I didn’t have a straight posture until I attended a posture seminar for fitness professionals two years ago. Imagine our surprise when 95% of us realized we had at least one posture issue!

So if 95% of fitness pros got posture problems, then what would that percentage be for the rest of the population?

Exactly. And that’s why I’m creating this Posture Series. To educate you about what straight posture really is, and give you options on how to correct it.

Before I go further let me say that I’m addressing posture issues coming from muscle balances – or else, sitting/slouching too much. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause back problems (think spine tumors, osteoporosis, arthritis just to name a few). I won’t be talking about these cases. My talk here will be limited for the people who have posture issues from bad sitting habits.

And that’s most of us.

And if you’re like me two years ago, you might think your back is straight, even if it’s not really.

The Straight Posture Series
So let’s start this Straight Posture Series with a roundup of everything I’ve produced so far about the subject.
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Why Facing Reality Determines How Fast You Get Ahead In Life and Why You’re Doing It Wrong

facing reality on vacation
Facing reality when on vacation was pretty awesome!

When I was on vacation this summer, reality was pretty awesome. I had absolutely zero worries. Life was good.

But being on vacation is the “good times” of life. What about the bad ones?

I firmly believe that facing reality, rather than faking reality, is our ticket to success – and fast! If you think that facing reality sucks, then you’re like most people doing it wrong, and you’re faking rather than facing it. I used to make the exact same mistake until life taught me the difference between those two, and what a big difference it can make in how fast I get ahead.

I still occasionally fall into this “faking” trap, but I’m much more perceptive now. Let me explain.Read More

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