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Stop Binge Eating Now. No Willpower Needed.

stop binge eating
Squirrels don’t feel crazy around food. Binge eating is an utterly human characteristic.

Binge eating: An utterly human characteristic. Isn’t it weird that we humans eat more food…because we ate? Think about it: You’re on a diet, and you slip. Once you slip, it’s easier to keep slipping. So you eat because you ate. And being on a diet is just one example.

We can even do this on one single meal. You eat more than usual feeling heavy, which leads to you to eat even more! After all, you’ve already “eaten more”!

This is beyond Mindless Eating. With binge eating, we eat because we ate. Cats don’t do that. Dogs don’t do that. We do that – pretty successfully.

But why? I mean, it makes no sense. Just like thirst gets satisfied when we drink water, hunger is one of those needs that get satisfied once we put food in our mouth. How does eating food make us want to eat more?

Seriously, where does binge eating come from? Why do we do that? And most importantly…

How can we stop binge eating?

I’d love to answer this question, but I’ll pass the torch to Isabel Foxen Duke, my friend and founder of Stop Fighting Food.

Isabel spent years studying women’s behaviors with food, and discovered that it’s our beliefs and thoughts about food and weight that keep us stuck in the diet-binge cycle — and it’s in changing our thinking that we can find a way out.

And she now wants to help YOU break out of this cycle. If you feel that managing your weight or what you eat is like a full-time job, that you’re out of control around food, or if you just want to know WHY you binge eat, check Isabel’s free introductory training series here.

stop binge eating
Stop Binge Eating – Click Here for Isabel’s Free Training Series

I’m a proud affiliate of Isabel’s work at Stop Fighting Food. This is the very first time I’m officially supporting someone else’s work, and that’s only because I’ve personally witnessed how effectively Isabel’s methods help people develop a healthy relationship with food, instead of stressing out about it, avoiding it, and then ending up with Nutella in their hands.

Check out the FREE introductory series here. Then, leave a comment on Facebook: Do you ever binge eat? Why do you think you do that? I read every response.


Photo Credit: Tomi Tapio K

How Selfish Should You Be To Succeed In Life?

I see three major types of people. The too selfish (or else, jerks), the selfish givers, and the non-selfish givers (or else, doormats). One of the three groups gets to succeed in life more than others. Take your guess before you read on (it might not be what you think), and then let me show you who “wins” and why.

Do you Have To Be Selfish To Succeed In Life? A Simple Driving Example Shows The Truth.
Typical narrow Greek seaside street. One row of parked cars on each side, leave just enough space for two cars to pass next to each other.

I was driving a car in a typical, picturesque, seaside, narrow Greek street. My family were inside the car with me. At 18, I was still a new driver and getting the hang of driving effortlessly, without thinking about it.

Another car was coming from the opposite direction. I felt that both cars would hardly fit together in those narrow streets. So I pulled my car as close to the parked cars on the right as possible, giving the other car plenty of space to pass.

The other car passed effortlessly, while I was lucky not to have hit the side mirrors of the parked cars!

Immediately, my family started commenting: Why did I leave the other car so much space? Why did I prefer to risk hitting other cars by pulling to the right way too much, than going a little to the side and making the other car go a little to the side too? If I had not given up my space, they said, the other car would have pulled to the side too. I had the right to take more space, but I gave it up.Read More

Best Hip Flexor Stretch for Anterior Pelvic Tilt, Kyphosis, and Lordosis

One of the three variations of the best hip flexor stretch.
One of the three variations of the best hip flexor stretch.

So you know your posture is kinda slouchy. Maybe you’ve confirmed this with the kyphosis or lordosis test, or you spoke to your doctor. Maybe you read what anterior pelvic tilt is and suspect you have it too. So now what?

Don’t fret. Today I’ll show you the best hip flexor stretch to help you straighten up – for good.

Watch today’s episode to:

  • Understand why sitting too much is a common cause for tight hip flexors, and how tight hip flexors cause anterior pelvic tilt, kyphosis, and/or lordosis.
  • Learn how lengthening your hip flexors will help your pelvis get back into its neutral position and your lordosis and kyphosis to improve.
  • Get the 3 variations of the best hip flexor stretch to lengthen those muscles and straighten up – permanently.

Read More

A Little Secret To Instantly Look Like You’ve Lost 5 Pounds

An often overlooked trick to instantly look thinner!
An often overlooked trick to instantly look thinner!

Here at Fitness Reloaded we like efficiency and effectiveness. Why devote 1 hour to the gym when you can get the same results in 16 min? Similarly, why go on a diet when you can instantly look thinner without dieting or exercising?

Of course, I’m not advocating against living healthy! I love how vital healthy living feels! But I see so many people not wanting to go on a diet, but doing it anyway, when they could get the same result without having to go through this trouble. Especially people with belly fat should beware of this.

So how do you look thinner without dieting or exercise?

By changing your posture! Without even knowing you, I bet there’s 90% chance you could stand straighter and walk straighter. That’s why I created this Posture Series.

Most of us sit for hours every day with a bad posture. This doesn’t just hurt our lower back. It also:

Read More

Home Lordosis Assessment: Is Your Back Straight?

Home Lordosis Assessment

Welcome to the Straight Posture Series! If you have low back pain, then make sure you check this out, because in here you might find the culprit behind it!

Also, if you want to avoid getting low back pain, or if you want to grow an inch or two taller, then keep reading.

Today we’re covering lordosis. I’m showing you how to do a home lordosis assessment so you can find out whether the curve in your lumbar area is ok, or “excessive”.

You can also use this assessment to measure whether you’re progressing posture-wise or not. As I share in the video below, last time I did it, my results were worse. This shows that what I’ve been doing to improve my posture in the past year has been working. I’m on the right track!

What is lordosis?

Lordosis is related to “anterior pelvic tilt”. You get this when your pelvis is leaning forward and your butt sticks out. This creates  an excessive curve in your lower back area.

This position is commonly acquired by chronic bad sitting habits, and puts excessive strain on your low back. If you’re lifting weights or doing any type of exercise, you must be especially careful not to strain your low back.Read More

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