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3 Under 200 Calories Healthy Snacks That Need No Preparation

My favorite snacks: All healthy snacks under 200 Calories!
This is my favorite yogurt! Siggi’s, one of the three options featured today in my favorite healthy snacks under 200 Calories!

Welcome to one more episode of the Smart, Lazy, Dieters series. Today I’m gonna do something very different than what I normally do. I’m gonna tell you my 3 absolutely favorite healthy snacks under 200 calories.

Now, I don’t usually like to give people specific dietary guidelines. Why? Because I hate all the diet confusion that surrounds food. Since scientists haven’t come to a firm agreement on what we should eat yet, nobody really knows for sure what healthy eating is. That’s how you get hot opposing topics, like vegetarianism or paleo?

At the end of the day, each one of us have to make our own decisions about what to put in their bodies. Here are my own guiding principles:

  • I believe in eating everything this world has to offer: meat, dairy, pasta, veggies, fruits, nuts, fish, etc. I don’t exclude any food groups. I believe in abundance.
  • I believe that most foods are fine if you eat them at the right amount. So a little bit of junk food is ok. Too much Vitamin C can be poisonous. Fat and sugar are ok as long as you’re eating the right amounts of them.
  • I judge what is “right” by the way I feel. So if I eat too much pasta, then my stomach feels heavy and I know I went overboard. If I finish my meal and still feel hungry, then I know that I need more fuel. If I eat a specific food and then feel bloated, then I know something went wrong.
  • I respect what my body is telling me. I don’t skip meals leaving my body starving. I eat when I’m hungry not “just because it’s time”.
  • I don’t bring other issues into food. For example, many people stop eating meat to make a statement about how animals are treated. I respect that. But for the time being, I’m keeping food in the “satisfaction/refueling zone” only.

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3 Simple Rules to Lose 5 Pounds Without Dieting

Lose 5 pounds without dieting and avoid the Cumulative Weight Gain Effect: E.g., Get 2 pounds every year for 10 years, and you're left with 20 pounds!
Lose 5 pounds without dieting and avoid the Cumulative Weight Gain Effect: E.g., Get 2 insidious pounds every year for 10 years, and you’re left with 20 pounds!

Welcome to the Smart, Lazy Dieters Series! We’ve talked about how to use lack of willpower to your advantage, how to lose weight successfully the lazy way, and the best weight loss books for the summer. Today I’ll share with you what I did to lose 5 pounds, without dieting, as an already healthy person with healthy habits. At the end of the post, you’ll also learn what inspired me to create the Smart, Lazy Dieters Series.

But first, let me talk about a time when I hadn’t the healthy habits that I have now. At the time I needed to lose 15 pounds. I strategically chose not to diet but instead, used this as an opportunity to build healthy habits. Those are the healthy habits I still practice to this day:

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Top 6 Books To Read To Lose Weight This Summer

Pipa Middleton (Kate's sister) is an advocate of one of those must-read beach body books.
Pippa Middleton (Kate’s sister) is an advocate of one of those must-read beach body books. Now you know where her beach body comes from!

It’s not that the information to lose weight or get a beach body is not out there. The information is out there. The problem is it’s hard to find.

This problem becomes even bigger when you’re lazy. You see as a truly lazy person, you want to devote little effort, but have to make this little effort COUNT. You’re all about efficiency: least amount of effort, maximum results. So you don’t just want any information, you want the best of the best.

But how can you find it? There are thousands of beach body books out there. Some of them *should* have what you’re looking for. Some of them will be misleading. How do you pick the right one?

In today’s episode I’m presenting you with my favorite beach body books. Either one of them will help you find the right exercises, eat better food, and develop a success mindset. No crush diets here – only efficient and effective ways to get real results as soon as possible, with the least amount of effort as possible.Read More

Why being lazy with weight loss is smarter than trying hard

Losing 20 pounds, only to gain them back gives zero results. That's too much effort for nothing. Here's how to effectively lose weight with little effort.
Losing 20 pounds, only to gain them back gives zero results. That’s too much effort for nothing. Here’s how to effectively lose weight with little effort.

Welcome to the Smart, Lazy Exerciser Series! Last time, we discussed how to take advantage of having little willpower. Today I want to share with you the method that I used to lose weight with little effort.

And by that I mean – lose weight with as little effort as possible, yet receive lasting results, and do it without feeling restricted. The good news? I made it happen. But before I get into the details, let me explain where I was when I started.

My husband – then boyfriend - had just described me as plump to one of his friends. Was I really plump? Well, being 12-15 pounds more than what I used to, and two sizes bigger, then I guess you could call me plump. A little. Still average but on the plump side.

That was it. I decided I had to do something about it.

But what?

I didn’t want to have to pressure myself. Weight loss alone was hardly my goal.Read More

Successful Weight Loss: Why Lack of Willpower Is A Good Thing.

Trying hard is the worst strategy to successful weight loss
If you think you’ll lose weight by pushing hard, then think again. That’s why I created the Smart, Lazy Dieters Series.

I was 17. I was really happy I had solved that math problem. After a whole page of calculations, I did it!

With my chest lifted out of pride and a grin on my face, I showed the solution to my teacher. He glanced at it.

And then he rejected it saying “this is not a graceful solution”.

Whaaaat?! I was floored! I had found the correct answer. So what was the problem?

“Who cares about grace? And also, what is grace? How can math solutions have grace?”

“Needing 5 lines to arrive at the answer vs. needing a whole page of calculations to get to the answer is VERY different.”, he saidRead More

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