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What should I do with my life? Step #4 will give you the final answer.

What should I do with my life

Dr. Tracy Thomas gives a 5-step framework to find clarity and give an answer to life’s biggest dilemmas!

 What should I do with my life?

Oh, how I have agonized about life decisions. I’ve gotten sick because I couldn’t make up my mind and was afraid of making “the wrong” decision. Here’s just a handful of them:

  • 18-year-old Maria: Should I study biology or should I go into engineering? What career should I pick?
  • 23-year old Maria: Should I go to Stanford or MIT?
  • 25-year old Maria: Am I ready to get married?

But fret no longer. In this episode I got Dr. Tracy Thomas with me.

She’s a psychologist who helps leaders get to the next level, and she will give us the exact 4-step framework to follow to make our biggest decisions with confidence!

As Dr. Tracy said:

Tweet: “If it’s not a “yes” then it’s a “no”.” via @FitnessReloaded at

But if everything is a “no”, then how do you get to “yes”?

Boy, I wish I knew earlier what Tracy is teaching us in this interview. I completely agonized about choosing a career when I was 18. I agonized over it all over again in my 20s. It would have been so much easier if I had a framework that would help me choose with ease and feel confident in my decision.

Stop struggling with indecision. Dr. Tracy’s 4-step Framework will help you decide what to do with your life, in the next 20 minutes!Read More

The 3 sec self-discipline, remote control trick to make yourself exercise at home

3-sec self-discipline trick

Once you’ll learn this self-discipline trick, you’ll also use the remote control not to skip your workout, but to actually do it!

How many times have you promised yourself you’ll do that workout DVD in the evening…only to find yourself chilling on the couch all night?

I know I have. Not once. Not twice. But tens of times. After all we are all pros at skipping workouts.

Until one day, I accidentally discovered a self-discipline trick that makes me go from “not feeling like exercising” to “let’s do it”!

The best part? This self-discipline trick only takes 3 seconds! Yes, you read that right. 3 seconds.

Oh, and did I mention that my self-discipline trick actually includes a remote control? Yes, I do use the remote control to make myself exercise, not to skip my workout!

How can this be possible?Read More

[Review] Zero to Launch – Ramit Sethi’s new course: Not just for beginners.

zero to launch ramit review

Here’s why you should read this Zero to Launch review:

In Dream Life I described what happened a few weeks ago. I made $700, while skipping work on a Monday morning. This has happened many times before, but the fact that that day was a Monday morning amplified the experience.

That’s what makes running an online business awesome! You can start it from anywhere, and make money everywhere!

Even when you’re hanging out with friends like I did that Monday, or when you’re sleeping – and yes, I often wake up with more money in my bank account.

Intrigued? I thought so. Let’s now explain where Zero to Launch comes in.Read More

Best 3 tips to get motivated to work from home

get motivated to work from home

Too lazy to get things done at home? Read on…

If only you could get motivated to work from home, then:

  • You’d get more things done. Yay for productivity!
  • You’d be independent of weather conditions. Snowing or raining, you can cozily stay inside and do your thing.
  • You’d skip the unnecessary driving. You can spend that time doing more work, or just having fun and enjoying your family!

Yet, when at home, despite your best intentions, you’re finding yourself distracted, or just too lazy to do what you said you’d do. Whether that is exercise, checking e-mails, or completing that final report for many of us our home is a place of distractions.

I used to feel exactly like that. I had to spend an extra 25 min going back and forth to the gym in order to exercise – I just couldn’t get motivated to do it at home. I found focusing easier when I was at the library than when I was at home, so I’d always try to get out to get things done.

After plenty of trial and error, and years of experimenting, I cracked the home productivity code. I now do 100% of my work at home, and I often skip the gym in order to exercise from home.

It’s just so easy to break promises we make to ourselves. It’s so easy to lay on the couch and watch a movie instead of using our laptop and being productive. It’s so easy to distract ourselves on social media, indulge in “screen sucking”, and skip the workout we said we’d do.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem you are doomed to a life of being lazy at home. You can change. If I could do it, you can do it too. Here are my best tips to get motivated to work from home.Read More

What to do when you haven’t heard back, and you’re going crazy.

going crazy

Anxiously waiting for an answer, checking your phone every 5 min?

Maybe it was an interview. Maybe it was a date. Or, maybe it was a prospective client. In all cases, you’re anxiously waiting for an answer checking your phone every 5 min. You feel like you’re going crazy.

  • Will you get to the next round of interviews?
  • Will he/she call back?
  • Will the client say “yes”?

You’re obsessed. It feels as if you’re dependent on this answer. You really need this right now.

You know that there’s no point worrying about things you can’t control, but you have no idea what to do to stop it! You spend 50% of your work time refreshing your e-mail, and 80% of your free time worrying about what will happen.


  • Keep interrupting your work to check your e-mail.
  • Hardly spend any quality time with your family and friends because your mind is “elsewhere”.
  • Keep blaming yourself for not being to able to “just forget it”.

But what if it wasn’t like this? What if you could go on being exactly as productive as before, spend quality time with your loved ones, and never worry about what will happen with the interview, the date, or the big client?

Watch the video to learn the destructive side-effects of going crazy, worrying about the answer.

Once you learn this, you’ll never be able to let yourself worry again.Read More

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