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Nothing Changes Before You Do (Free Prizes Inside!)

Hello from Loutraki beach in Crete, Greece.
Hello from my favorite beach in Crete, Greece.

I was just lying on the couch, jet lagged after my trip to Greece, when it dawned on me. Fitness Reloaded just turned 3 this week! It’s my tradition to celebrate every birthday, but this time I’m gonna do it differently and get you involved in the party too – with a $750 giveaway! Scroll down for the prizes!

This year’s theme is “Nothing Changes Before You Do” and is related to the one thing that I deem responsible for everyone’s success in anything. Yes, I firmly believe and have seen in practice that if you get this one thing right, then there is absolutely no way you won’t get what you want, whether that is an amazing body, a dream job, a soulmate, etc. Here are just a few examples from my life:

  • This one thing is responsible being accepted with a fellowship in top engineering schools like Stanford and MIT.
  • This one thing is responsible for losing weight with our struggling for it, going from 1-2 to 5 times of exercise per week, and going from eating out to cooking at home.
  • This one thing is responsible for the website you’re reading right now.

I could go as far as to say that this thing is also responsible for the ultimate defeat of the Nazis in WWII. It’s responsible for Michael Jackson’s success and rise to fame.

But what is it, you might ask…Read More

3 Scripts To Practice A Mental Diet, And Become Unstoppable

Part of my mental diet: Don't take yourself too seriously.
That’s my face when I feel unstoppable. Just kidding!

What A Mental Diet Is and Why It Determines The Results You Get

Take two people, Tom and Jerry (any similarities to a popular cartoon are accidental). They are two identical men. They both want to lose weight, and get on the same weight loss plan.

They both start a daily 30-min walking practice in addition to their eating diet.

What they do differently though is the way they think. They think differently about everything they do to lose weight, including their walking practice.

When Tom goes out for a walk, he’s doing it because “he has to”. Sometimes he’s even wondering why he gets into this trouble. After all 30 min of walking is not going to be more than 150 calories. So why bother for the equivalent of one and a half banana?

When Jerry goes out for a walk, he’s excited he’ll be putting a checkmark on his daily walking practice. Sure 150 calories is not gonna make or break his weight loss success, but it will help. Plus, once he’d read that people who exercise when being on a diet tend to keep the weight off more than those who only diet. So yes, it’s a hassle to go out and walk sometimes, yes it’s not gonna give tremendous instant benefits, but it is “one more brick” on the “thinner Jerry” wall.

Now here are my questions to you:

  • Who is happier while losing weight, Tom or Jerry?
  • Who has higher chances of actually following through with the weight loss plan and getting results, Tom or Jerry?
  • Who is more likely to do more (e.g., walk more) with time, Jerry or Tom?
  • Who has higher chances of keeping the weight off after the diet is over, Tom or Jerry?
  • Whose way of thinking helps them become unstoppable and get anything they want, Tom’s or Jerry’s?

The way you think can simply change everything. In Tom’s case even if he has his hands on the best diet and exercise in the plan in the whole world, he’s still at risk of spoiling it all because of the way he thinks.Read More

A Berry Smoothie Recipe You’ll Actually Use

Raspberries - a must have ingredient for these Berry Smoothie Variations!
Raspberries – a must have ingredient for these Berry Smoothie Variations!

In my 3 favorite healthy snacks under 200 calories I promised to share with you my favorite berry smoothie recipe. As part of the Smart Lazy Dieters Series, I won’t just share the recipe, I’ll actually give you three options, so you can adjust the smoothie to your laziness level.

Yes, you read that right. You’ll adjust the berry smoothie recipe to your laziness level. I’ll give you three different variations: One for the super lazy, one for the medium lazy, and a final one for the not-so-lazy.

You see, all fruits are not made equal. E.g., it’s easy to put raspberries in as they only need to be washed. It’s harder to use a melon because it needs to be peeled first. Lazy fruits require little or no preparation. Not-so-lazy fruits require a little more work.

You might be thinking I’m splitting hairs with this differentiation, yet small things like this can actually make the difference between someone actually making the smoothie (and getting all the health benefits), vs. actually skipping it.Read More

My 3 Favorite Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories

My favorite snacks: All healthy snacks under 200 Calories!
This is my favorite yogurt! Siggi’s, one of the three options featured today in my favorite healthy snacks under 200 Calories!

Welcome to one more episode of the Smart, Lazy, Dieters series. Today I’m gonna do something very different than what I normally do. I’m gonna tell you my 3 absolutely favorite healthy snacks under 200 calories.

Now, I don’t usually like to give people specific dietary guidelines. Why? Because I hate all the diet confusion that surrounds food. Since scientists haven’t come to a firm agreement on what we should eat yet, nobody really knows for sure what healthy eating is. That’s how you get hot opposing topics, like vegetarianism or paleo?

At the end of the day, each one of us have to make our own decisions about what to put in their bodies. Here are my own guiding principles:

  • I believe in eating everything this world has to offer: meat, dairy, pasta, veggies, fruits, nuts, fish, etc. I don’t exclude any food groups. I believe in abundance.
  • I believe that most foods are fine if you eat them at the right amount. So a little bit of junk food is ok. Too much Vitamin C can be poisonous. Fat and sugar are ok as long as you’re eating the right amounts of them.
  • I judge what is “right” by the way I feel. So if I eat too much pasta, then my stomach feels heavy and I know I went overboard. If I finish my meal and still feel hungry, then I know that I need more fuel. If I eat a specific food and then feel bloated, then I know something went wrong.
  • I respect what my body is telling me. I don’t skip meals leaving my body starving. I eat when I’m hungry not “just because it’s time”.
  • I don’t bring other issues into food. For example, many people stop eating meat to make a statement about how animals are treated. I respect that. But for the time being, I’m keeping food in the “satisfaction/refueling zone” only.

Read More

Lose 5 Pounds Without Dieting

Lose 5 pounds without dieting and avoid the Cumulative Weight Gain Effect: E.g., Get 2 pounds every year for 10 years, and you're left with 20 pounds!
Lose 5 pounds without dieting and avoid the Cumulative Weight Gain Effect: E.g., Get 2 insidious pounds every year for 10 years, and you’re left with 20 pounds!

Welcome to the Smart, Lazy Dieters Series! We’ve talked about how to use lack of willpower to your advantage, how to lose weight successfully the lazy way, and the best weight loss books for the summer. Today I’ll share with you what I did to lose 5 pounds, without dieting, as an already healthy person with healthy habits. At the end of the post, you’ll also learn what inspired me to create the Smart, Lazy Dieters Series.

But first, let me talk about a time when I hadn’t the healthy habits that I have now. At the time I needed to lose 15 pounds. I strategically chose not to diet but instead, used this as an opportunity to build healthy habits. Those are the healthy habits I still practice to this day:

Read More

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